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The Joy of Turning 45

Today is my birthday.

If you know me well, you know that I LOVE BIRTHDAYS. Like…I really, really love them. As a matter of fact, in my vocabulary, I will often talk about BIRTHDAY WEEK. Yes. This is a real event. My sweet hubby begs to differ that this is a legit thing, but after being with me for 25+ years, he’s coming around. Our sweet boys on the other hand…they were easy to convince that birthday week is legit and trust me…they are ALL IN. Birthday week is a real thing and we party hard all week long. Any way, this isn’t a post about teaching you new celebrations, such as birthday week. This is a post to pass on some joy and perhaps some wisdom to you.

As many of you have noticed, I haven’t been on the blog in forever and a coon’s year, but today. Today, I am writing. Because today, on September 26, 2018, I am doing lots of things that bring me joy. Nothing life shattering like going on a tropical vacation or winning the lottery (yet) (that’s my optimistic self shining through), but I’m doing little things that are bringing me joy. And that’s the thing. In our world filled with glitzy show-all social media and picture perfect Instagrams, we can be deceived into thinking that we have to DO larger than life moments to make us happy. And friends, that is a lie. 

To find joy, we must slow down and look for it. Many times, it’s right in front of us. I’m reminding myself to reflect on the moments in my past that made me smile then, and continue to make me smile now as I fondly recall that special moment. I’m trying to slow down and savor the teeny things that make me happy. And I’m choosing to relish the blessings. The blessings all around me and in nature. Like today…have you been outside?? Ohhh, it’s gorgeous and I’m so happy that God has chosen to let the sun warmly fall on the beautiful landscape today. He is an amazing creator. 

Today, as I got dressed, I picked out my favorites to wear…a white t, plaid shirt, comfy and well-worn jeans, cute shoes (a must), and lots of jewelry (another must). Nothing life shattering about getting dressed. No designer fashions. I just picked out my favorites because those things make me happy. #littlethings

As I went to get the oil changed in our car (now, that’s livin life and partying on your birthday like a 21 year old, isn’t it?), I relished the fact that I had forty minutes of time to just sit and catch up with my grandma when she called to wish me a “Happy Birthday” and then, had a little time left to scroll through the beautiful birthday wishes on Facebook and my phone. 

Do you know what else crazy 45 year olds do on their birthday? They go to the eye doctor. #partyanimal  As I left with contacts in hand, I stopped by the restroom. And right there, in the doctor office’s bathroom, I heard over their Muzak station a song from the great year of 1976. And immediately, I was taken back to my childhood years of singing with my mom and brother in her car (all three of us in the front seat of her car with neither a seat belt to be seen on anyone) to groovy songs like the one playing today…”Get Right Back” by Maxine Nightingale. BE STILL MY HEART. And this song made me happy. #sweetmemories  As a matter of fact, I was so happy that I videoed myself lip-syncing the words in the mirror so that I could send it to my mom. I’m certain this brought her some joy, too. (Hey, some joys are meant to be shared!) 😉

I had many more moments today that just made my heart so happy. Starting my morning with my coffee and Jesus. Having Hubby tweet out birthday wishes to me on Twitter, the boys being extra good this morning because it was my birthday morning, my mom and Papa calling to sing their yearly “Happy Birthday” duet, and all of the sweet wishes and texts from loved ones. And tonight, I’ll continue celebrating with the boys and Hubby when they get home from school and practices and work.

But right now, I’m here. In my favorite coffee shop, tapping out words on my keyboard with earbuds in and playing some of my favorite tunes as I write. I’m realizing more than ever that when we look for God’s blessings and reflect on them, we are filled with so much joy. When we carve out time and do the things we love, we are filled with joy. And that, my friends, is what I hope you look for…God’s blessings. His joy.

Life is such a gift. And this turning 45. I’m loving this gift. I’m so thankful that God has reminded me to look for the joy He brings to me each and every day.

AHHHH, life is good. 45. I really like you.


xo ~

Angela Banae

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