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if you can speak, you can influence

I am deeply grateful for the gifts God has given me, particularly the ability to speak and write as I share my story, and engage with others. These blessings have allowed me to connect with many wonderful people and inspire them on their journey as they walk closer with Jesus. I've been honored to speak at multiple women's retreats, where I've had the opportunity to share my experiences, faith, and the transformative power of God's grace. These moments of connection and encouragement are among the most rewarding aspects of my ministry.

Image by Annie Spratt



Francy Schares, Elementary School Teacher

"I had the pleasure of hearing Angela speak at the Union Mills Women's Retreat. She was a very inspirational speaker who shared her journey of finding Christ, starting at a young age. Angela spoke with sincerity, grace and has a way of bringing people of faith together. After listening to Angela, I left the retreat feeling closer to the Lord. Angela not only lives by the Word, but she has made it a part of her lifestyle, as well."
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