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New Book

Finding God's Grace In This Messy World

My very first REAL book... it's finally here! Published and ready to be enjoyed by you, dear friends. I wrote Finding God's Grace In This Messy World because I wanted to help people see that God is so loving and He desires to have a relationship with each of us. In my own journey through this messy world, I have found that God has an abundant amount of grace for me and He has that beautiful grace for you, as well.


This book was written over six years ago, yet I have just now watched it come to the publishing stage. That, my friends, is what you call procrastination and fear, along with a side of being overwhelmed. You see, it only took a month or two to write and then, I shared this book with some friends and a few women's Bible study groups. After that, it sat in my computer for the next few years until I stopped dreaming and finally sought out a publishing company to publish the book. Life happened, struggles came, and I put this book aside. Yet, I still longed to be a real author who had a published book. A book that encouraged people and stirred the hearts of readers. Finally, my dream of being a published author came to fruition because of the encouragement from family and friends and from God, who nudged me to stay the course and get this book published. And... here it is. A four-week Bible study, ready for you to read. My prayer is that you soak up God's love, and find the grace that God has for you.   

                                                                     ~ xoxo Angela Banae


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